Train: Ruebel Turn Engines: TCWR 4301 TCWR 4302 City: Glencoe, MN Location: Shops Date: 01/14/09
Comments: The TC&W is in for a tough and bitterly cold January. The Glencoe Turn from the night before suffered many delays and a locomotive failure causing the train
to limp into Glencoe at 4mph and the crew to die on hours. The Uility Job then had to swap out the Glencoe Turn power with the Ruebel Turn power and take the train to
Hopkins but collided with an automobile (no injuries) in Plato causing a few more hours of delay. This meant the Ruebel Turn had to begin their day in Glencoe performing
the work normally done by the Utility Job. After waiting for the mechanics to fix the ailing 4302 and setting out two bad order cars, the train is now finally headed west.
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