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Welcome to the Unofficial Twin Cities & Western Railroad Website

           Welcome to the Unofficial Twin Cities & Western Railroad website for railroad enthusiasts. Information about current operations, locomotives as well as photos and news can be found here. The official TC&W website is
           The TC&W (AAR TCWR) operates over 229-miles of track and is classified as a shortline (Class III) railroad. Operating as far east as St. Paul, Minnesota and as far west as Milbank, South Dakota, the TC&W is the largest shortline in Minnesota. While agricultural harvest products (corn, wheat, beans, grains, barely, etc.) are the primary product hauled, large amounts of ethanol, DDGs, coal, sugar, fertilizer, canned foods, limestone and other products are shipped as well. Annual carloads average around 20,00 plus Minnesota Prairie Line (MPLI) and Sisseton & Milbank (SMRR). Monday-Friday 5-7 trains run a day throughout the system plus 1-2 on MPL. On Saturday three regular trains run between St. Paul and Ruebel. Trains run on Sunday as needed.
           The TC&W boasts one of the most unique locomotive fleets of any shortline. As of 2016, a total of 20 locomotives are being used on the TC&W system including power for MPLI and SMRR, wholly owned subsidiaries. A total of nine engines have been repowered with Caterpillar prime movers (four GP20Cs, three GP30Cs and two GP15Cs) while ten are EMD powered (one GP10, two GP39-2s, four GP38-2s, two SW1200s and one SSB1200) plus one slug in a CF7 body. Two out of service ex-NS slugs and another CF7 slug are also stored at the railroads headquarters in Glencoe, MN but haven't seen service for many years.
           TC&W connections with MPLI and Norwood, MN and SMRR at Milbank, SD.

A rare daylight Glencoe Turn heads east through the small town of Plato on its way back to Hopkins on a sunny winter morning.
November 17,  2010 - Plato, MN

           It can very time consuming and difficult to gather current information on a shortline and the purpose of this website is to be a place to find current information. If you have any questions, corrections or news please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

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  • 2016 Update
  • Unit Train Update
  • Unit DDG trains cease
        operation. ILSX 1418 arrives.
  • Northstar Intermodal
         moves out of Montevideo.
  • RRVW 404 & ILSX 1389
         leave the TC&W.
  • Ex-KCC GP39-2s arrive
        on property.
  • More trains are added
          to the regular schedule
  • Ethanol trains are now
         interchaged with CP

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